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3 07 2009

Welcome to the sustainable thought box. This is a group blog. We’re experimenting with collaborative writing across North America using the technology we have available to us.

Right now, everyone involved is a college student who is passionately concerned about creating a sustainable planet to hand down to future generations. It would be good to get some other perspectives. All the writing posted will be a collaborative effort.

We would enjoy hearing from thoughtful people who have the same goals in common.


If you’d like to contribute content or suggest a topic to discuss.

Email us at:



Josie, Ivette, Leticia, Dolores, Carlos, Teresa, Art, David, Eric, Miguel & Vega




3 responses

8 07 2009
Dont Pay to Pray

Way to looooooovvvveeee mother earth —-
to death!

It’s time to put a stop to these gatherings.

Why should the people of New Mexico have to pay for a bunch of white wannabes having a pot party in the woods?


This post proves to me that Rainbows, like all who are consumed by their egos, are poor stewards of the earth.

14 08 2009
Marisela Sueco

Rainbows are so lame! They need to stop the gathering and get real! They do nothing for the environment and everyone is tired of their bullshit Hopi prophesies and their arrogance in playing Indian. Indigenous people and true environmentalists need to join together to stop this gathering once and for all!
RECONQUISTA! Rainbows out of Aztlan!

17 06 2015
Dry Creek Earthship

I agree with most of your article, except a few things which are minor. Most hippies don’t use diapers, or toothpaste. Also typically most these vagabonds smoke roll your owns without filters. And doubtful they generate even half the amount of trash an average american household makes per week. But, I agree its stupid, and anytime you gather that many people you are creating a huge environmental impact. To top it all off its on public land.

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